During my time on the Assembly, Anchorage has made significant progress in recent years towards improving economic development, with a range of initiatives and investments designed to bolster and improve economic resilience, competitiveness, and vibrancy. Efforts to secure funding for the Port of Alaska have been successful, with $200M secured from the state legislature and ongoing monitoring of the Port modernization program.

The municipality has also distributed $51M in federal COVID relief funds, increasing competitiveness in the pursuit of making Anchorage a destination city – making all parts of the city productive, attractive, and welcoming. Close monitoring of FEMA earthquake and COVID reimbursements has also helped ensure that the municipality is maximizing its resources and leveraging all available funding opportunities.

During my tenure, I have worked with my colleagues in myriad efforts to streamline and improve processes for homebuilders through revisions of Title 21 land use and Title 23 building codes. These reforms have greatly helped encourage robust housing development. The elimination of parking minimums, development of Assembly housing priorities, and updated codes have additionally encouraged Accessory Dwelling Units, furthering this effort.

Over the years, the Assembly has adopted a proactive, comprehensive approach to improving economic development in Anchorage – enhancing infrastructure, leveraging available funding, streamlining processes, and encouraging housing development. There is still much work to do, and I will continue to be a part of the solution.